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June 2, 2014, 05:44 AM
I had a co-worker ask me about importing and exporting an existing InfoSWMM model. Can an InfoSWMM model be converted to an InfoWorks CS model or can it only be imported/exported to SWMM 5?

Robert Dickinson
June 3, 2014, 03:03 AM
Hi, You export InfoSWMM to SWMM 5, CSV files or Shapefiles and then import the SWMM 5 file, CSV file or shapefile into IWCS or ICM. There are many import options but I find using the SWMM 5 format along with some CSV files that easiest method. You use CSV files for rainfall and waste/trade flows.
Bob Dickinson

CSV File DWF Suggestion for Importing SWMM5 Flows to ICM

If you are importing a SWMM 5 File into InfoWorks ICM one problem you will have how to deal with difference in dry weather flow generation (DWF):

1. SWMM 5 has DWF enter at a node and ICM has DWF as part of the Subcatchment Loading
2. Thee Import and Export From ICM needs manual adjustment of the DWF
3. One way to do this is to make an ICM CSV file to import the DWF Section of SWMM 5 (Figure 1)
4. Which allows you to manipulate the flow DWF in SWMM 5 to the population based DWF in ICM and IWCS.

Here is one example
hw_subcatchment, S012-010 ,4.14841
hw_subcatchment, S005-005#1,7.8094
hw_subcatchment, S005-006#1 ,7.8094

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-jCB_hEuK6fM/Uv-vyYJRHSI/AAAAAAAAE6k/-ONRGoUq-D8/s1600/2014-02-15_1313.png (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-jCB_hEuK6fM/Uv-vyYJRHSI/AAAAAAAAE6k/-ONRGoUq-D8/s1600/2014-02-15_1313.png)

Figure 1. DWF File for ICM (left) and the SWMM5 DWF Section Righ