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Sean Fairbairn
April 9, 2014, 02:45 PM
I have have nodes that show they are unconnected, but I can't see these nodes. When I go to find them they show up on the list, but when I try to select them for the Model Explorer it tells me they can't be found. I am needing to delete these 5 nodes.

Shawn Huang
April 10, 2014, 08:45 AM
The reason might be those nodes have invalid geometry. Try this way. Put those five nodes into domain and press on Delete Domain button.

Patrick Moore
July 16, 2015, 10:07 AM
It sounds like the model needs to be reindexed and then have a pack and clean. This will usually clean up problems with elements that have been deleted but still remaining in the database.

To reindex/pack and clean the database complete the following steps:
1-First Save your model. This way if any issues occur during the procedure you can always close without saving
2-Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, Utilities -> Update Map from DB -> Force Full Network to redraw the network.
3-Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, View -> Reset Display.
4-Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, Utilities -> Database -> Reindex.
5-Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, Utilities -> Database -> Pack.
6-Update DB from Map - All Node
7-Update Map from DB-Force all Network
8-Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, Utilities -> Database -> Clean.
9-check the model areas having issues. They should be resolved. If any problems are observed you can exit without saving and revert to the previous version.
10-As a final step I would save the model under a different name. This way you can always revert to the previous version before this major change. This is good practice when making any major change to the model.

Here are descriptions from the Help file of what the Clean, Pack and Reindex features do:
Clean (http://javascript<strong></strong>:TextPopup(this)) -
The Clean Database command removes database records without a matching network
component in the network map display. While it is unlikely this may occur,
there are instances where a corrupt condition may occur do to inadvertent
computer reboot or power outage. When Clean is chosen, select the table or
tables to clean, then select OK.

This command is useful for deleting support tables that are associated with
network components. The Clean Database command will process all tables,
regardless of *active* status. This means that Clean will work on the entire
InfoWater project, not just the *active* elements.

Pack (http://javascript<strong></strong>:TextPopup(this)) -
When data elements are graphically deleted, the database records associated with each
component are marked for deletion and must be packed for those records to be
permanently removed. When Pack is chosen, select the table or tables to pack,
then select OK.

The Pack Database command permanently removes all records that have been
marked for deletion in all tables associated with the active scenario. Once
database tables have been packed, you may re-use all component and record
identifiers that have been previously deleted.

This option only applies if the Auto-Database
Packing ( InfoWater Control Center ->
InfoWater button -> Tools -> Project Preferences -> Operation
Settings) is turned OFF (unchecked). If the Auto-Database Packing
preference is ON (checked), then records will be automatically packed
(permanently deleted) as the user deletes graphical elements in the InfoWater
project. Note - Individual tables can be
packed from their respective data management dialog boxes.

Reindex (http://javascript<strong></strong>:TextPopup(this)) -
The Reindex Database command reconstructs internal database table indexes. This
command is recommended when you use applications external to InfoWater (such as
custom GIS or relational database programs) to populate and/or maintain
InfoWater database tables.

A reindex means that data in the database is organized in such a fashion as
to speed up data transfer. It is prudent to use a Reindex after the Pack

Robert Dickinson
July 16, 2015, 10:09 AM
This is great, Patrick. We need to add this to the help files for Water, Sewer and SWMM.