View Full Version : ICM validation time

February 10, 2014, 05:00 AM
Hi all,

I have built a linked 1D-2D model with about 2M Triangles and 10k nodes. Validation times for this are very long, over half an hour - 45 mins. Is this usual for a model of this size? or is it indicative of some instability built into the model? The Validation progresses through the % complete with reasonable speed but takes an ages getting through 95-100%.

Other people's thoughts would be very welcome!


Oscar Solarte
April 21, 2014, 08:16 PM
It is very usual that ICM validation to take long time overall this happen with large models that include millions of mesh triangles. It would be useful as well if ICM future version add a way to disable Engineering Validation when you make small changes to large models e.g. Simulation parameters. Currently it is very annoying when you want to change just one parameter and then to start this large time network validation. Cheers Oscar